Please note that the first show of our 2014-2015 season, Mama Won't Fly, has been cast. However, we do have room for a few "extras" or "stage hands" who will interact with the cast in non-speaking roles. If you are interested, contact us at 

Look for auditions for Steel Magnolias to take place in late September or early October, and auditions for Secrets of a Soccer Mom to happen in early December.

Audition Notice

Mama Won't Fly...

From Jones, Hope & Wooten, the playwrights who brought you the ever-
popular Christmas Belles, Stage 43 presents the fast-paced comedy Mama Won’t Fly, directed by Dale Kelly. We are looking for anywhere from 8 to 24 actors who want to have an insanely fun time on stage.

Men (2-10):

1. Denton Crocker, Cousin Chicken, Mitch, Officer Dugger, Ronald, Kelvin
2. Uncle Ferd, Mickey, Red, Spud

Women (6-14):
1. Savannah Honeycutt
2. Norleen Sprunt
3. Hayley Quinn
4. Tanya Dudley, Aunt Rema Jean, Edweena, Kiki
5. Essie, Great-Aunt Pawnee, Fanny, Sybil
6. Aunt Ardale, Juliette, Teeta

An outrageously hilarious race against the clock begins when Savannah Sprunt Fairchild Honeycutt agrees to get her feisty mother all the way from Alabama to California in time for her brother's wedding. Savannah's problem: Mama won't fly. With only four days to make it to the ceremony, this determined daughter has no choice but to drive cross-country with her equally willful mother, Norleen Sprunt, in Mama's vintage sedan. This ferociously funny, family-friendly comedy will have you laughing your way across the country and all the way down the aisle!

Production Dates: October 16-19 (Sunday matinee) and October 22-25, 2014 at the Evergreen Cultural Centre, 1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam.

This is a non-equity, community theatre production. Committed actors who want to have fun, who would make the show their top priority, and who know how to put the “community” in community theatre will be given top consideration.

For insurance purposes, all cast/crew must become members of Stage 43 ($20 / $16 annual membership) at or before the first rehearsal.